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Our generous donors allow CRAE to continue their support of the region's finest arts eduction. Countless careers have been sparked by CASA and dreams have taken shape within those walls. You can help fund those aspirations and be a part of those final bows. Join us with your support today and become a vital part of this creation. Click on "DONATE" below to make a secure donation to CASA through CRAE.  If you wish to send a check, make it payable to Capital Region Arts and Education.  You may also send us an email below to let us know how you would like to donate to CASA.  Thank you for your support.


Wish to learn more about CRAE and CASA or to donate directly?  Drop us a note below someone will contact you shortly.

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I’m a freshman at the school, I just wrapped up from the first marking period and everything about my school is so amazing and I don’t want to go anywhere else.
— Freshman 2016

Annual Contributors 2016 & 2017

$10,000 - $99,999

William and Virginia Brody Fund at TFEC
Alexander Grass Foundation
Lois Lehrman Grass Foundation
Ms. Sylvie F. St. Hilaire and Mr. Gary D. St. Hilaire
Mr. Brad Hollinger
Nicholas D. Hughes
McCormick Family Foundation
Benjamin Olewine, III Charitable Lead Annuity Trust #8
Wells Foundation
The Whitaker Fund for Math and Science

$1,000 - $9,999

Universal Media Inc. 
Audrey and Phil Sanders
Thelma I. and Albert E. Herre Fund / CEF-AFA
Ms. Lois Lehrman Grass
Capital BlueCross
Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania
Ms. Deborah Myers Welsh
Mr. David B. Skerpon and Mr. Christopher W. Baldrige
EDI Payments EventBrite
Joseph T. and Helen M. Simpson Foundation
Children’s Home Foundation of Harrisburg
Ms. Elizabeth P. Mullaugh Esq. 
Ms. Kristin M. Scofield
Warden Asphalt Company

$500 - $999

Premier Wealth Management
Tanner of PA Inc
Mr. Mark G. Caldwell
TFEC Administrative Fund
Mrs. Margaret Hathaway
Capital Area Intermediate Unit
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Alexander
Ms. Jennifer M. Natalie
Mr. David G. Forney
Citizens for the Arts in PA
Mr. Rocco A. Ortenzio
Yellow Breeches Chapter of the PGC
Drs. Glenn and Marsha Zehner
Ms. Robyn S. Holder
Mr. Harold A. McInnes
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer G. Nauman, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Alan T. Neusbaum
Harristown Development Corporation
Ms. Jill Morrow and Mr. Frank Fleishman
Mr. and Mrs. William Lehr, Jr. 
Ken and Karen Lehman
128 1/2 Hair Salon
Kenneth Ball
William Gregory
Marc Arron and Alana McMullan


The faculty and students of CASA thank you for your support.

The faculty and students of CASA thank you for your support.


$100 - $499

Ms. Kristen Olewine Milke
Mr. and Mrs. R. Timothy Weston
David J. Remmel and Shelley Winer-Remmel
Mr. David W. Volkman
Mr. Steven H. Neiman
Ms. Char Magaro
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Desoto
Ms. Connie R. Kindler
Ms. Debra B. Cohen and Mr. Charles E. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Brenckle
Ms. Diane M. Tokarsky and Mr. Stephen A. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Jones
Ms. Marsha M. Everton and Mr. Jack M. Stover
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad M. Siegel
Mrs. Anne S. Davis
Mr. Edward A. Hauck
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Moran
Ms. Theresa L. Guerrisi
Ms. Betty C. Hungerford
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Verber
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Evans
Ms. Kathy L. Pape and Mr. Robert Trinkle
Mr. Mark A. Bradshaw
Mrs. Helen T. Nauman
Mr. David L. Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Drnevich
Ms. Sherry E. Baskin
Mr. and Ms. David P. Lavery
Mr. Timothy R. Wendling
Madlyn & Michael L. Hanes
Ms. Shawn D. Scott and Ms. Alicia A. McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Roth
Mr. Jonathan Vipond III
Ms. Debra Rittenour
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Malina
Ms. Joy B. Dougherty
Mr. LeRoy S. Zimmerman
Ms. Cate Watson
Ms. Janice R. Black
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Owens
Mr. Terry L. Lehman
Mr. and Mrs. David Schankweiler
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kantor
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Adelmann
Ms. Theresa L. Guerrisi and Mr. Jeffrey A. Gingerich
The Dancer’s Pointe
Pyramid Construction Services, Inc. 
Ms. Cheryl L. Rudawski
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Hayward
Mr. Frank W. Gregory
Conrad M. and Gail Siegel
Mr. Mark A. Bradshaw
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gates
128 1/2 A Hair Salon
Mrs. Joan T. Arnold
Ms. Peggy A. Grove
Mr. Gilbert J. Brown
Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company
Temple University
Ms. Marjorie M. Sherman
Mr. Michael L. Greenwald
Mr. and Ms Michael Chambers
E.S. Maunus Esq. 
Ms. Beth L. Cornell
BH Architecture
Mr. Brian E. Griffith
Mr. Bradley T. Forman
Mr. Howard M. Pollman
Rabbi Peter Kessler
Mr. Stuart Landon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Holbrook
The Hall Foundation
Ms. Donna Curanzy-Seltzer
Ms. Patricia B. Sanker
Mr. Chris Baldrige
Mr. Daniel Natirboff
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gates

$1 - $99

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Leonard
Ms. Lisa Kreider
Mr. Truman Bullard
Mr. and Mrs. Leon L. Rowe
Ms. Anessa D. Renn
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Margolis
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Alt
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Dolan
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sacher
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Witmer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Carey
Thais B. Jackson-Mims
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Kirksey
Mr. Peter Sirotin and Ms. Ya-Ting Chang